How To Fix Epson Printer Connect Service Error?

Epson printer connect service problem may occur due to wide variety of reasons. However, this can lead to serious problem and thus advised to fix Epson printer connect service error on prompt basis. We recommend users to approach at Epson Printer Customer Care Service Number for better guidance. This error may occur in various sections such as problems in email print, issues whiles canning to cloud, problems encountered in iPrint, and technical faults arising in remote printer driver. However, there a variety of reasons these problems to happen such as print log issue, too large emails, pending print jobs, unknown destination, exceeding scanning data size, dis-connectivity in the wireless routers, printer registration not done of remote print function and many more are there to list out. But here, we will explain only about the Email print issue.

How To Fix Epson Printer Connect Service Error

Steps to fix Epson printer connect service error are as follows:

Step 1: Have a checking for any kind of error

  • Error 1 with solution: Solve issues of print Log
    To remove the problem in easy way, users are advised to have view on the email status sent to the Email Print service with the help of Print Log on the User Page.
  • Error 2 with solution: Solve the problem of email notifications
    Sometimes when users have activated the Email Notifications on the User Page, the Email Print service will pop up error notification which may cause problems. So, this needs to be resolved immediately

Step 2: Solve issues of unwanted email receiving problems

Follow instructions below carefully as advised by Epson Printer Tech Support expert professionals:

  • The problem can easily be solved by checking whether sender’s email address is approved in the “Approved Senders List” or not? Users should register the sender’s email address to the Approved Senders List, and re-send their email.
  • Limit the address up to 100 printer’s email addresses to make this error disappear.
  • The maximum email and the attachment size should not exceed beyond 20 MB
  • However, the number of pending emails in the print queue should not exceeds beyond 100.
  • The printer owner has suspended the Email Print service for the printer.
  • Make sure that the “User account registration” process is complete to the Epson Connect service

Step 3: Solve the problem related to email body attachment not printed

  • Users should solve the issue related to files that are not supported to the email. It can solved by converting all of the unsupported files into its PDF format.
  • Check whether there is paper to be printed or not? If not then, place it and start the printing job. As suggested, users should have a check whether the printable email content in the attachment is abled or disabled?
  • The next step is to have a check whether the Print job was deleted due to expiration of storage time or not? It usually occurs when the print job has been removed accidentally and has exceeded the maximum storage time for all of the pending files. Do ensure that maximum pending time will be approximately 72 hours.
  • Make sure that the print job is not deleted from the Print Log by the printer’s owner accidentally as it may create problems
  • Do ensure that the printing job is not accidentally cancelled from the printer’s control panel.
  • Check for the printer’s status, and clear out all of the problems.

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