How to Fix Dell Printer Error 1102 on Dell Printer 944?

Error code 1102 on Dell Printer 944 in general appears after installation of a new ink cartridge. Get this printing issue resolved with Dell Printer Tech Support Phone Number +855-534-1508 instantly. Fix Dell Printer Error 1102 on Dell Printer Error 1102 by replacing the ink cartridge with a suitable one. When you install a new cartridge on your Dell Printer, this error code suddenly pops up. This typically happens due to the bad sensor of the new ink cartridge. It causes compatibility issue inside the printer. Other reason includes misconfigured system files or incorrect windows registry.

How to Fix Dell Printer Error 1102 on Dell Printer 944

Steps to Fix Dell Printer Error 1102 on Dell Printer 944

There is nothing to worry about. This error is much easier to fix than you think. Here you can have the most suitable solution to fix this error code on your own. These simple yet efficient troubleshooting steps will help you get out from distressful situations. You can also connect with Dell Printer Customer Care Service for more reliable solutions.

Solution 1: Insert Correct Cartridge

The first and foremost thing you need to do is to choose correct type of cartridge for your Dell Printer. Make sure the cartridge you have used is compatible with the system and device. After reassuring, you need to re-insert it again in proper position. After doing so, you need turn your printer off and unplug all the power and USB cables. Now leave it for 8-10 seconds before turning it on. Also check the cartridge size and place before inserting it inside the printer.

Solution 2:  Resetting of the ink levels

Sometimes it is possible that the error might appear due to improper ink configuration. Resetting the ink levels in the printer settings will stop this error. Your Dell Printer might think that you printer does not have enough ink for printing. Change its level in the setting to disseminate this error.

Solution 3: Removal of the Ink Cartridges

If the above solutions do not resolve your error, remove all the ink cartridges from the printer. Now clean the contact parts on the cartridges thoroughly to rectify this error. You also need to clean the inner parts of the printer to restore its performance.

Solution 4: Update Windows for Manual Removal of Error

Incompatibility is another reason behind this error to occur. So update your windows version with the latest one. It will help you get rid of windows registry damages in previous version. After updating you device will be as new as before. To do so, you need to go the windows update and look for the best possible updates. Now follow the installation process to download it successfully.

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