How To Fix Canon printers Error Message 6C10?

Every printer has its own set of error codes and messages to denote a particular kind of trouble that the machine has been facing. To solve this error codes, primarily you need to know what is causing them. Read this article to get every information you need to know about Canon Printers Error Message 6C10.

Canon printers Error Message 6C10 at a glance:

Canon printers Error Message 6C10

This error is known to be caused by a over-consumption of the waste ink absorber in the Canon inkJet printer. There is a large sponge in the bottom of your Canon printer that absorbs the waste ink that has been sprayed on the papers while printing. There is a system in your Canon device which records the numbers of pages printed and keeps the estimate of ink absorbed in that spunge. Your printer has an inbuilt function to register how many prints will make the absorber full of ink, and when the time will come, you printer will automatically stop printing. That’s when you will come across this error.

Steps to remove the error message 6C10:

  1. Turn off the printer. Press and hold the resume button.
  2. Press and hold the main Power button unless a green light turns on.
  3. Release the Resume button while the Power button is still on hold.
  4. You need to press the Resume button twice and then stop holding those buttons.
  5. Again press Resume button for four consecutive times and these press the Power button immediately after.

Your waste ink absorber settings will be reset. Restart your printer to enjoy successful printing.


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