How to Fix Canon printers Error Code U150?

Canon is a which produces various products such as Cameras, Scanners, Printers, and many more. Canon printers are the most advanced and sophisticated ones among all other printer brands across the world. It posses several exciting features and delivers high-quality printing. However, Canon printer often troubles its users by giving several error codes out of which Error Code U150 is the most common one.

If you have encountered this error code on your Canon device, feel free to connect with our experts to avail quick recovery solutions to fix Canon printers Error Code U150.

Canon printers Error Code U150

What causes the error code U150 to happen?

This error code generally occurs due to an unauthorized chip in the printer’s replaceable ink cartridge or due to inserting any non-Canon ink cartridge inside the printer to ensure the protection of the printer from being damaged by low-quality cartridges.

How to resolve error code U150 of Canon printer?

  • Remove all pending printing jobs from the print queue and turn off the printer
  • Open the Ink tray door and remove the non-canon Ink cartridge from the printer
  • Peel the protective seal off the new Canon Pixma Ink cartridge and place it inside the printer
  • Close the cartridge door securely and then turn the printer on
  • The printer will self-diagnose the new cartridge and error message will remove automatically

These steps mentioned above might seem easy to apply but as an amateur in the technical field, you might not be able to run the steps, and the error code might appear again. You will require expert help from a reliable service provider, and our experts can provide that at an affordable rate.

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