How To Fix Canon printers Error Code E004?

Canon is a Japanese international corporation that operates in many industries such as photography solutions, information technology solutions, optics, etc. The company makes devices such as Digital SLR cameras, lenses, scanners, fax machines, all in one printer, industrial printers, and other amazing appliances that can make daily life work faster, smarter and better. The printers they produce is popular for their durability and versatility. You can print, scan, fax and make photocopies from one same machine.

Fix Canon printers Error Code E004

Error code E004:

One of the common errors our customers have reported is the Fix Canon printers Error code E004, which indicates that there is some electrical error occurring with the printer’s SSR system. This electrical error can be due to any short circuit in the PCB or heater relay. Sometimes printers can give a false alarm, you can try and fix your printer by resetting the printer memory manually.

Follow the steps to reset your Canon printer:

  1.     You have to turn your printer off, unplug the power cords and other cords
  2.     Now hold the Stop/Reset button and simultaneously switch on your printer
  3.     When the printer turns on, release the Stop/Reset button while holding down power
  4.     Now you have to press Stop/Reset two times while holding in the power button
  5.     Release all the buttons; printer will show zero on the LCD
  6.     After the printer turns off automatically, turn it on again, and the reset is complete

Still facing the same error? We recommend you should opt for professional assistance in resolving the matter.

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