How To Fix Canon printers Error Code 6A80?

This is a general Canon printer print head error, that occurs when the Print head is stuck for being unused for a long-term, or blocked by Excess ink. Canon printers Error Code 6A80 is dealt by every Canon Pixma printer user, which can be truly frustrating. Here, you don’t need to worry about it’s troubleshooting solutions because, we have all the possible solutions for this common error code. In this page, we have enlisted a few proven solutions along with the toll-free guidance number of our experts, where you can ask for directions instantly.

Different ways to solve the Canon printers Error Code 6A80:

Canon printers Error Code 6A80

  • Check for ink stains: Your print head prints tons of paper that has extra ink sprayed on it. Therefore, Some of the sticky ink might get stuck inside the motor of the part. Use a torch to find the spot. Clean the stains with cotton and alcohol.
  • Foreign obstacles or dust: If it’s not ink, then it might be dust. still, Check if there is any unwanted object. Remove it with a brush, micro-vacuum cleaner or spare paper.
  • Switch reset method: Once you have checked the print head for the last two cases, reset the printer settings by pressing four buttons for 10 seconds- Stop button, black print copy, OK button and power buttons. Turn off the computer before you start the procedure. Release the power button once the machine starts. After 5 seconds, release the rest of the three. This will reset your printer and the error code should not come back again.


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Accordingly, If your issue is not resolved by these steps. Then your device must be seriously damaged. For any query regarding the troubleshooting procedure, or registering your unsolved printer problem. Dial our toll-free Canon printer helpline toll-free number.