How to Fix Canon Printer error code 5C20

Canon printers are one of the best printing devices for high tech printing solutions. Its compact design and quality printing grab the user’s attention at first stance. Despite its modern features, Canon printers are often bugged with several printing errors. Among them, most common is Canon printers error code 5C20. Our support team has all that it takes to deliver you with best possible solutions.

Canon Printer error code 5C20

Canon printer error code 5C20 is basically a hardware issue which is especially related with printer logic board. It starts malfunctioning on its ability to move rollers and cartridges successfully. This error is associated with almost all types of Canon printers but especially users encounter this error with the MX series of Canon printers. It restricts the users from printing any document further.

When users take the initiative to print anything using their device, if this error appears, it will be followed by weird rattling sounds and the printer will stop working. To resolve this error, you can try out different methods which are analyzed below.

Methods to fix Canon printers error code 5C20:

  1. In this method, the flash memory of the printer is erased by resetting the printer which puts an end to printer-related issues such as 5C20. You need to turn off the Canon printer completely and unplug it from the power outlet. Wait for sometime and then reconnect the printer and turn it on. This will successfully reset the printer.
  2. If you find that error 5C20 is accompanied with rattling or crackling noise, there might be an issue with the printer’s printhead. If this be the case, you need to either clean or replace the printhead. For this, you need to unplug the printer from the power outlet, take off its cover panel, lift the orange/grey lever, remove the ink cartridges and check the printhead.

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