How to Fix Brother Printer Turn off Manual Feed Error?

Brother Printer Manual Feed Error is a typical printer configuration error. Get connected with Brother Printer Customer Support Number +855-534-1508 to know more about such printer issues. To fix Brother Printer Turn off Manual Feed Error, you need change the settings of your printing device.

How to Fix Brother Printer Turn off Manual Feed Erro

Manual Feed Error in general appears when if the paper source in the program is set to manual feed or MP tray. Sometimes if the paper size is set to custom or special size, this error code may appear. There are several other reasons which boost this error. If the printed document is created as letter or mailing format, you get this error. The main reason behind this error is the setup rules in the wizard that was created during printer setup. The document tends to print as per rule and get struck in the manual feed error.

Effective Steps to Troubleshoot Brother Printer Turn off Manual Feed Error:

There are many way through which you can get rid of this error. Such type of errors can be frustrating as user cannot detect the true nature of the error. Brother HL-2170W printers are in normal affected by this error more. Here you can find the most appropriate way to get to the roots of the error. Connect with Brother Printer Customer Care Service for more reliable information.

Go through the down mentioned steps to isolate this error in lesser span of time:

Solution 1: Clearing of the Error Message

  • First of all, you need to open the printer folder. The process may vary as per your Windows OS. Open your Brother Printer folder depending on the Windows OS you are using.
  • Next you need to open the Print Queue.
  • To do so, you need to right click on the Brother Printer Driver followed by choosing “See what’s printing”.
  • Now cancel all the print jobs by clicking on Printers and then on “Cancel All Documents”.
  • Click on Specific Job to delete only highlighted print jobs. The click on Cancel button after clicking on Documents.
  • To clear the queue, click on Yes option.
  • Now right click on Brother Printer Driver followed by clicking on Printing Preferences.
  • Now verify that the paper source section is not listed under MP Tray or Manual for first page as well as other pages.
  • Next you need to put paper in Manual Feed Tray to let the printing process complete.
  • If the error still occurs, you need to cycle the power. It will help you to clear out the message.
  • As the message is cleared, you need to follow the next solution.

Solution 2: Set Default Paper Source

  • Open Microsoft Word and click on File or Page Layout.
  • Now click on Page Setup followed by clicking on Paper source or Paper option.
  • Make sure the first page and other pages are not listed under MP tray or Manual. Choose another source Tray 1 and thus click on Ok.
  • Next you need to click on Tools to select Envelopes and Labels. Thus click on Mailings Tab.
  • Now click on Option after clicking on Envelopes. And then you need to choose the Printing Option tab.
  • Make sure that the MP tray or Manual option is not selected. Choose Tray 1 and then click on OK.
  • Click on Labels tab while making sure that MP tray or Manual option is not selected. Choose tray 1 followed by clicking on Ok option.
  • Now close the Envelopes and Label configuration window.

Solution 3: Set the Default Paper Size

  • Click on File after opening Microsoft Word.
  • Now click on Page layout followed by clicking on Page Setup.
  • Next click on the paper Size tab while setting the paper size as custom.
  • And then finally click on Ok to start the printing process again.

Dial Brother Printer Customer Service Number for 24*7 Comprehensive Supports:

If the error recurs, call at Brother Printer Customer Service Number for immediate result. Here you can 24*7 comprehensive customer supports under professional guidance. We keep our in-house solution ready for instant and quick technical support. Any Brother Printer related queries are taken care of by our team with utmost priority. We aim to resolve minor to critical queries through diagnosed process. Hence make a call in the toll free number now to get customized solution at desk.