Brother Printer Not Connecting To Wi-Fi? (Step By Step Guide)

Brother printers are considered to be one of the most reliable and easy-to-use printers. You can even connect Wi-Fi enabled devices and print through a brother printer. But for this, you need to connect the printer and the device with the same wireless network. Once you successfully connect both the devices, you will be able to print the document with ease. 

But, at times you can face issues such as Brother printer not connecting to Wi-Fi. As a result, you won’t be able to get the files that you want to print. 

Such an issue occurs if there is poor internet strength. Or, if you have provided incorrect credentials while connecting the wireless network. If you are unable to connect the WiFi with the printer, then here you get to learn how to solve the matter instantly.  

Steps to Connect Brother Printer with Wi-Fi

Before connecting the Brother printer, the user must know the network name (SSID) and the Security key of the network. If you don’t know these two essential things, you won’t be able to establish a connection. 

Now, follow the below-mentioned steps first.

  • Turn on the printer and then tap on the Control Panel to set up a wireless connection.
  • Connect the AC power cord of the printer and then you have to tap on the Power button of the printer.
  • Right after that, tap on the “Menu” button and use the scroll up and down arrows to navigate the “Network’s settings or “Wireless Setup” option. 
  • Again after this, with the help of the scroll up and down arrow, reach for the “Network” option. Tap on the “OK” button once you find it.
  • Now, it’s time to select the “WLAN” option by using the scroll up and down arrow keys together. 
  • Tap on the “OK” button to confirm it. Next, with the help of the scroll up and down arrows, select the “Setup Wizard” option.
  • Press the “OK” button to enable the wireless network when the LAN is enabled.

This will start the Wireless Setup Wizard and the brother printer will now search for the nearby available wireless networks. Once it is done scanning and searching for the WiFi, a list of available networks will pop up on the screen.

 Choose the correct wireless network name and tap on the OK button. Next, write the SSID key and the Wi-Fi will get connected with the printer. And, if you are unable to connect the Wi-Fi with the printer, then move towards the next segment to figure out the solutions to this problem. 

Primary Guide to Fix the Wi-Fi Connection

If you encounter any problem at the time of connecting the printer with Wi-Fi, you need to perform these steps:

  • Turn off the Brother printer for a while and then turn it on again by tapping on the “Power” button
  • Right after that, turn off the Wi-Fi connection of the printer and power it on within a minute.

Connect the Brother printer with the wireless connection and check if it is connecting with the chosen wireless name. And, if you are still unable to do so, follow the next steps.

Easy Methods on Brother Printer not Connecting to Wi-Fi

At times due to internet glitches, users will face difficulty to connect the Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi-enabled devices with the Brother Printer

Method 1: Setup the Wireless Connection 

The Brother printer users have to go through the below-mentioned instructions to fix the issue from the device 

  • Take the modem and flip it back to get the password and network name.
  • Now, turn on the computer and printer and set up the internet connection right after that.
  • Further, the users need to tap on the “Menu” button and then choose the “Settings” option from the list.

Note: You can even select the Spanner and Screwdriver like icon and then tap on the “All Settings” option.

  • Now, scroll down and tap on the “Network” option by using the scroll up and down arrow keys. 
  • After choosing it, tap on the “OK” button to confirm it. Select the “WLAN” option and then with the help of scroll up and down arrows, select the “Setup Wizard” option.
  • Choose the appropriate Wi-Fi name and then put the password for it. Tap on the “Ok” button again.
  •  Once you do it, you will be directed with the “Apply Settings.” To confirm it, hold the “1” number key of the printer.

If you have provided the correct password and Wi-Fi name, a “connected” message will pop up on the screen. You can now enjoy getting high-quality print without any hassle. 

Reset the Wi-Fi Connection

If you are still getting the error message, then it is necessary to reset the wireless connection. And to do that reset the wireless connection, you need to follow these steps:

  • First, you have to power On the Brother Printer by tapping on the “Power” button.
  • Next, go to the “Menu” button from the Control Panel of the printer.
  • Right after that, choose the “Network” options and tap on the “Ok” button to confirm the action.
  • Further, you have to choose the “Network reset” option and tap on the “OK” button once again.
  • Lastly, hold and press the “Reset” button and then choose the “Yes” to complete the process. 

Now, you will be able to fix the wireless connection issues from the Brother Printer. Now, put the A4 size paper in the paper tray and print a document. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is the Windows system unable to connect with the printer?

If you have recently updated the device to Windows 10 or installed the latest version of Windows, then there is a high chance that the Printer will not recognize the system. Or at times, the backdated printer driver can be the reason for the dysfunctionality of the printer. 

Make sure you have updated the drivers when you are updating the operating system. Or else, compatibility issues might arise and as a result, you won’t be able to print. 

  • How to connect the Mac with the Wireless printer?

To connect the Mac device with the wireless printer, you have to simply follow the below-mentioned guidelines:

At first, you have to turn on the Wireless printer and then choose the preferable wireless network. In every wireless printer, you will get a screen, from where you can choose the wireless network

After choosing the wireless network, put the right password that goes with the wireless network. Tap on the “Apple” menu and then choose the “Software Update” option. Make sure you have chosen the right software that is compatible with the printer.

Now, tap on the Apple menu to choose the “System Preferences” option. Right after that, select the “Print & Scan” option from the hardware section.

  1. Tap on the “+” button up next and choose the printer anime from the “Nearby Printers” list.
  2. Or, you can simply tap on the “Add Printer or Scanner” option.
  3. Move to the “Default” tab and then choose the printer name, if shown. 
  4. And if the printer name is not showing over there, tap on the “IP” tab and give the IP address of the wireless printer.
  5. Directly, go to the default settings and tap on the “Add” option and you will be able to connect the Mac Device with the wireless network.