How to Fix Brother Printer Error Code 76?

Brother Printer is widely used by individuals across the world, to do their office as well as home purpose tasks. But, often it’s very irritating to Fix Brother Printer Error Code 76, when you do the important work and you receive an error in Brother Printer. The error message means you are unable to print, as it’s also one of the critical fuser error, errors that also faced by numerous users while using the printer. It’s caused by different types of problems, includes foreign object, like a ripped piece of paper, a paper clip, stuck in the Brother Printer, or Mechanical malfunction in the Printer area, or even often happen when a sudden power outage where the Printer becomes turned off; that time the main board gets confused and consider the Printer in sleep mode and at X temperature when the Printer is at a ready temperature. Then don’t worry about it. You can easily solve it by just applying the simple troubleshooting steps that recommended by Brother Printer experts.

Brother Printer Error Code 76

Then, here are defined simple steps to resolve this problem, so follow the below-given steps to quickly repair the problem.

Solutions to Fix Brother Printer Error Code 76:-

Solution 1:- Change the Fuser

The Error Code 76 in your Brother printers is also related to fuser error, so you need to change the fuser, but first just in case try to reset settings to factory defaults.

Solution 2:- Change or Update the IP Address

The other solution is that is to change the IP Address. For this you have need to do right click on your printer, click “Properties”, then click the “Ports tab” then hit on your Brother printer and then click on “Configure port: (or you can delete the existing one and then add another one).

Furthermore, if you want to do is update the IP Address, you can. But the problem is that the Brother Printer doesn’t have a static IP address, it’s dynamic. If you want to confirm that, then go to your Brother Printer and press the “Reports” button and then print out the network configuration report. Now your IP address will show on that. It’s actually the last digit in the IP address that changes. This will absolutely solve your problem.

Solution 3:- Perform the Maintenance Mode Procedure

For Maintenance Mode, you have to follow these steps:-

Step 1:-Turn of the Brother Printer

Step 2:- Then switch on the Brother Printer device while holding down to the “menu” button until all the led are flashing On/Off. Now you are in “maintenance” mode.

Step 3:- Next, press “80” button.

Step 4:- Then press the “mono start” button several times until you see for removal: xxxx

Step 5:- Next, press “2783” button in order to reset the purge counter. You will see removal: 0000

Step 6:- Then press the “stop” button.

Step 7:- Press “99” to exit the maintenance mode.

Now check the error is resolved.