Epson Printer Won’t Print in Black How to Fix It?

Fix Epson Printer Won’t Print in Black color error is commonly occurring due to many reasons, includes when their color ink is out, or when users try to print patterns such as nozzle check or head alignment or problem happen on a copy, dirty scanner glass, and many others. If you have the same issue, such as “Epson Won’t Print in black”, and want to get the proper solution to fix it? If yes, then do not worry about it. You can very easily resolve it.

Steps to Fix Epson Printer Won’t Print in Black:-

Epson Printer Won't Print in Black How to Fix It

Here are Some Steps, Which Will Help to Troubleshoot Issue Easily.

Step 1: – First, users need to access genuine cartridges.

Step 2: -Verify the ink levels and replace the low ink cartridges, if is showing low.

Step 3: – Make sure that cartridges have been vented at the correct place.

Step 4: – Try the test, by following way.
On your system, go to “Start” button, then “Settings”, then “printers” (your Epson shows there). Next, right click on the Epson printer; go to “properties”, and then print a test page. If this step does not work, then go to the next step.

Step 5: – There should be a head cleaning option in properties, you will require clicking on it, so it will make clean the print heads.

Step 6: – Ensure that the paper is loaded in the printer properly or not.

Step 7: – Try to disconnect the interface cable from your Epson printer, then again connect and try to print a document.

Step 8: – Hold down the “Load/Eject” button, then press & release the power button. Then continue holding down the Load/Eject” button while the power light starts to flash, then release it. Then your Epson printer prints one page showing its ROM version number, ink counter, and a nozzle check pattern.
If the pattern has gaps in its dots, you require cleaning the print head.

Step 9: – To finish the check, turn off your Epson printer after it prints the check page.

Step 10: – Also, try to check both the Epson printer and computer that are connected properly or not.

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