How To Clean Print Head on Canon Pixma Printer

Canon printers come with a configuration of removable printer heads that comprises of ink cartridges. So, to print few pages in both black as well as in colored pattern at least once per week is necessary to keep ink flowing smoothly and thus prevent it from unwanted clogging. This blog will take you through few steps to clean Canon Pixma Printer head that will be quite easy for users to understand. But, let us have little bit more information about the print-head. If the printer head nozzles are blocked in some or the other way or even if it is in dry state, users will need to dissolve all of the dry ink to avoid clogging. Well, an inkjet nozzle is built up with diameter of approximately 45 microns which has ability to clear up all clogs or streaking effects by running the cleaning cycle found in the printer’s software utility. Here we have multiple steps to resolve this issue and below are the most popular guidelines given for users to deal with the problem.

How To Clean Print Head on Canon Pixma Printer

Steps to To Clean Print Head on Canon Pixma Printer


Step 1: Navigate to the “properties” menu first and then select the “Maintenance” tab. Click to choose the “Cleaning” icon and follow all given instructions carefully to clean the appropriate Ink Group. It is advised by Canon Printer Technical Support professionals that users need to execute this step several times before the improvement to be taken place.

Step 2: Now, click to choose the “Deep Cleaning” menu if the simple cleaning method did not work out for you. Now, select the appropriate “Ink Group” to follow the instructions guided for performing deep cleaning operations. The “Deep Cleaning” process needs to be executed several times to have successful operation. If “Cleaning” and “Deep Cleaning” does not seems to be working out then, clear the print-head, remove it and then, clean it on manual mode.

Step 3: Lift up the printer cover slightly to move the print carriage towards the center position. Press the tab carefully on each of the cartridge and then lift to remove the cartridge gently.

Step 4: Lift the lock in order to release the print-head and again lift the print-head out of the cradle.

Step 5: Now, rinse the print-head with the help of hot water and remove any unwanted ink as well as paper residual that may be stuck at the bottom of the head.  It is suggested to bleach until water runs out to be clean completely. Remove all the screws from the ceramic plate, located at the bottom section of the printer’s head.

Step 6: Move out the ceramic plate from the printer by applying gentle pressure and apply hot water on the plate. Remove any buildup issue that are there on the plate. Rinse it with water

Step 7: Reassemble all of the print-head and then re-insert them into its cradle carefully. Lower the locking lever until it is snapped into place and then reinstall ink cartridges.

Step 8:  At last, close your printer cover and perform a proper alignment process as recommended.

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