How to Clean Epson Print Head Problem?

One of the most general Epson Printer Error that troubles users is a clogged nozzle. It is necessary to clean Epson Print Head Problem to avoid inconvenience while printing. A clog in print head is not a onetime process. Over the time, small amount of ink residues keep on drying up and collect in the nozzles. Not changing ink cartridges when it is void boost this problem. But there are many other reasons due to which ink might clog in print head. Not using original Epson Ink cartridges is another prime reason for blocked Print Head.

How to Clean Epson Print Head Problem

Print Head nozzles might get clogged due to ink or air. There are some other vital reasons that results into clogged print head. Some of such reasons are:

  • Not turning off printer on regular basis. When you do not use your printer for a long time, ink starts to dry up. Turning printer on runs a mini-cleaning cycle to boost the ink flow again.
  • Not using Printer regularly. In such cases, it is better to use Epson Laser Printers. It uses toner powder that does not dry up.

Efficacious Solutions to Troubleshoot Clogged Epson Print Head Problem

A clogged can be fixed by running a cleaning cycle and checking the nozzles. Here you can have the suitable solutions to get rid of this problem in time before finally cleaning it manually. Visit our Epson Printer Help services for more convenient results.

Solution 1: Run Print Head Cleaning Cycles

  • First of all, check whether any other printer error is showing on the screen or not.
  • Secondly, press the Home button to select Set Up option. Thus click on “Maintenance”.
  • Now you need to choose “Print Head nozzle check”. As you do so, you printer will produce a four color grid page to check clogged nozzles.
  • If there is no gap in the color grid page, click on done.
  • If any gap appears, click on “Clean the Print Head” to continue.

Solution 2: Clean the Printer Sponges

  • Make the print head assembly vulnerable by turning off the printer and opening the top.
  • Move the small plastic level forward and down in order to release the print head. Now completely release the assembly and move it aside.
  • Next, print a page with top up. Now detach all the power cables while the assembly is in centre and unlocked.
  • When you see the sponges, clean it using distilled water. And replace the assembly over the sponges.
  • Let the sponges soak the water as much as it can.
  • Print couple of pages for smooth functioning of the printer.

Solution 3: Cleaning print head with paper towels

  • First of all, turn of your printer and use one-half inch wide paper towel.
  • Now, look for rubber rollers after opening the printer top.
  • Next you need to place the paper towel over the rollers and apply some distilled water until it is wet.
  • Let it damp for a good fifteen minutes. Repeat the process for several times to see good result.
  • Now replace the print head back to its position and turn on the printer.
  • Finally, print as much as you can to check that every port is working fine.

Dial Epson Printer Support Phone Number for Interactive Results

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