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configure network printer in windows 7

How to configure network printer in windows 7?

Over the years, Windows has developed its network printer handling model in much innovative way. Now anyone can configure network printer in Windows 7 using a few methods. Wireless network printer has erased the troubles of fiddling with cables and CD. It also had made possible to print or scan anywhere in the house or the world using Google Cloud Print service. Installing a network printer or a shared printer is not a troublesome process. You just need to adjust a little legwork to make all working and running.

Steps To Connect Epson l355 To Wi-Fi And Changing Its Connection

Using of shared network enables the possibility to share a printer over a network or home group. Here a printer works as a stand-alone device which is connected to a network by itself.

Efficacious Solutions to Configure Network Printer in Windows 7 Using IP Address:

In this blog, you will find the most beneficial solution to share a printer using IP address in your Windows 7 device. The process is much easier and need few simple methods to do it in the effective way. Go through the steps below and enjoy the shared printing experience in less time and effort.

  • First of all, you need to connect your Printer to a network using Cat 5 or 6 cables. Connect one end to the printer and the other with the router. Now switch on your printer and wait until it is ready.
  • Secondly, click on Start button to open Control Panel.
  • After opening control panel, click on Hardware and Sound.
  • In the Hardware and Sound window, double click on the “Add a Printer” icon.
  • Now choose “add a network, wireless or Bluetooth printer” followed by clicking on Next.
  • This will make Windows to start a scan process to detect a printer. If the printer is detected, click on Next.
  • If the printer is not listed there, choose “the printer that I want is not listed”. Now choose the printer using its TCP/IP address or name.
  • Choose “select a shared printer by name” if you are aware of the printer’s name. After doing so, navigate the path to the printer.
  • But in case, you do not know the printer’s path, select “add a printer using a TCP/IP address or host name”. Connect with Epson Printer Help team to determine the Printer’s TCP/IP address.
  • Point the location of the printer drivers, if you need it during installation. If you do not have the printer drivers, download from trusted websites.

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How to connect a network to enable a WPS Setup for Epson Printer

How to connect a network to enable a WPS Setup for Epson Printer

Wi-Fi Protected Setup is also abbreviated as a WPS originally and is a type of Wi-Fi Simple Config feature in terms of network security standards to easily create a secure wireless home network. The flaw as per as Epson printer support guidance allows a remote attacker to easily recover the WPS PIN in just few hours with the help of brute-force attack and with the WPS PIN feature. So, this blog will teach you various procedures to enable a WPS to connect a network accurately.

How to connect a network to enable a WPS Setup for Epson Printer

Steps to connect a network to enable a WPS Setup for Epson Printer

Connecting the device with the WPS button


  • Locate and tap on the WPS button on the Epson printer.  To get access to the Epson printer’s setup page, open any web browser and then enter an appropriate IP address on the Address bar then hit the enter button.
  • Users will further be asked for the log-in details.  Leave the User name field empty and enter the “admin” on the Password field and hit the OK button.
    Within exactly two minutes, tap the WPS button on the client device which you wish to connect to the printer’s network.
  • The device will now be connected to the printer by using WPS.

Procedure2: Connecting a device with the help of WPS PIN

  • Access printer’s web-based setup page section.  Open any web browser and then enter a desired IP address on the Address bar and hit the enter button
  • According to Epson printer technical support experts, users will further be asked for their log-in details.  Leave the User name field as blank and enter the “admin” text on the Password field then click OK.
  • Click on the Wireless > Wi-Fi Protected Setup option.
  • Enter the client device’s PIN in the blank field and then hit the Register button.
  • After the configuration process has fully been completed, the device should now be well connected to the printer in a wireless mode by using WPS mode.

How to connect a network to enable a WPS Setup for Epson Printer

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