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How to Fix Lexmark printer cartridge error 50c?

Lexmark printers deliver some of the most realistic prints as compared to other printers. Its efficiency and compatible features make it more prominent among the users. But several hardware drawbacks and printing glitches are disturbing its performance nowadays. Lexmark printer cartridge error 50c is among one of those technical faults which are responsible for deteriorating its performance. In case, your printer gets this error, contact us immediately for resolving this error.

How to Fix Lexmark printer cartridge error 50c

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Whenever you are trying to copy or scan something using your Lexmark printers, you are getting this error code. This might irritate you. Sometimes error 50c is displayed on the LCD screen of your printer when you have inserted any new or used cartridge in your Lexmark printers. But this error might force you to cancel or even delete your print job and it will prevent you from printing any further.

There can be a bug in your Lexmark printer software which creates miscommunication between the printer and the computer. If you want to fix this error, you can take help of our experts. They will provide you with step-by-step tips to troubleshoot and fix error 1203 of your Lexmark printers.

Steps to resolve Lexmark printer cartridge error 50c:

⦁    Turn off the Lexmark printer and disconnect the power cord, USB cord, etc.

⦁    Wait for some time and then switch off the computer device

⦁    Open your printer, turn it back on.

⦁    Take out both the cartridges, clean them off and then reinstall them back to the printer

⦁    Close the printer. Connect it to the computer PC again and select the “Hit” option

⦁    Now it’s ready to print an auto page

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If your Lexmark printer is still showing this error while you are trying to print or scan your document, come in contact with us by calling us at our toll-free Lexmark printer technical support number to seek help from our experts regarding this.


How to Update Lexmark Printer Firmware?

Nowadays printers are a way to get software document in printed form. And certainly having an updated printer firmware increases the efficiency. Are you looking forward to Update Lexmark Printer Firmware? If so, then you have chosen the right place.

How to Update Lexmark Printer Firmware

Lexmark Printers comprise all the qualities that you need for best quality printing. Lexmark printing devices are the best option for you to get crisp and high-quality results. Firmware, on the other hand, is the software that enhances your printer’s performance. An updated firmware provides you with additional features to make your printer function properly.

Effective Step by Step Process to Update Lexmark Printer Firmware:

Using Firmware Update Utility is the best way to update printer firmware. It eliminates the risk of damages during the update procedure. Before you jump into the update procedure, do the following steps:

  • Check whether the printer is in Ready State or not.
  • Make sure that there is no error on the display screen.
  • Check whether any card is inserted in the printer or not.

Do the following steps to Update Lexmark Printer Firmware:

  • First, you need to run the Firmware Update Utility.
  • Click on Continue and thus read the license agreement carefully.
  • After reading, click on Continue.
  • You will receive a message that the printer is connected.
  • Click on Lexmark Printer to update it.
  • You can also enter the IP Address through add printer IP address if you like to.
  • Click on Continue to start the update process.
  • The firmware will start to update.
  • When the process is done, a message will appear saying ‘Firmware Update Summary’.
  • The printer will restart automatically.
  • Click on Retry if the update fails.
  • After the update is done successfully, click on Close to finish it.

Call +1-855-789-0314 to Get Complete Troubleshooting Services with Top Notch Technicians:

Though you can easily Update the Lexmark printer firmware using these steps, professional help can be needed. Complexity may appear which calls for professional help. Our technicians proffer services which take care of such causalities. With complete guidance and proficiency, our professionals make sure all our customers are getting technical aid for their errors.


How to fix Lexmark Printer Spooler Service Error?

Printer Spooler service passes printing command to printer. It is responsible for managing multiple printing commands. If it starts to act abnormally, place a quick call at Lexmark Printer Support Number  Else read out the blog to fix Lexmark Printer Spooler Service Error on your own.

How to fix Lexmark Printer Spooler Service Error

Printer Spooler accumulates two sensitive system files, spools.dll and spoolsv.exe. Such files are very vulnerable to virus and malware attacks. Any Trojans or malicious files can corrupt these system files. Such external threats can ruin your printer spooler service making your printer work in sluggish way. Whenever you spooler service become corrupted, you will no longer be able to print. You printer will not work until you make Lexmark printer Spooler service error disappear.

Effective Step by Step Process to Annihilate Lexmark Printer Spooler Service Error:

This error may scare you, as you cannot print anymore when appears. But there is nothing to worry about. Either you can read out the article or grab Lexmark Printer Repair Services to get rid of this error.

  • First thing that you need to check when this error appears is whether you have installed any software or hardware recently or not. If you have, then remove or uninstall the software as possibly it is causing the error.
  • Install new drivers along with the newly installed equipment or program. Perform a full system scan after downloading secure drivers.
  • Depending on the operating system you are using, always install the latest security updates.
  • Always install a good anti-virus and anti-malware software. Such software will proffer protection from external threats and dangerous files. If you system is infected by any harmful virus, malware or spyware, the software will work as shield against them.
  • You can use that anti-virus software to remove any such virus or malware which are affecting your printer Spooler. That software will help you to make Spooler Service Error in Lexmark Printer  
  • You can also download printer spooler repair tool to repair such damages and make it work normally again.
  • Reset your printer spooler using the tool and reboot your system and pass a print command.

Obtain 24*7 Lexmark Printer Supports Assistance to Annihilate Lexmark Printer Related Errors:

If you are having troubles to deal with Lexmark Printer Spooler Service Error, we are here to help you. With complete guidance and help, Lexmark Support Number +1-855-789-0314 takes care of all issues that come to us. No matter how complex the error is, we help you to tackle them with much ease. Hence dial the toll free number to get personalized help at your desk.


How to Fix Lexmark Pro901 PrintHead Error?

The print Head error is the mother of all printer errors. If you are experiencing the same with your printer, make a call at our Lexmark Printer Customer Support Number +1-855-789-0314. You need to be careful while you try to Fix Lexmark Pro901 Print Head Error

Easy Ways To Change Lexmark Printer Offline To Online

Most of the time when you need to print a document, you select the Print option and Select your printer. However, nothing happens. And, you look at the printer and experience the annoying Printer Offline message. Don’t worry; you can recover your printer back to an online state quickly. In this article, we will give you basic guidelines to recover your Lexmark printer offline to online.

Lexmark Pro901 PrintHead Error

In any case, if you require some other information about Lexmark printer then do call on our support number.

When you have included either a USB or network printer to your PC or Mac PC, you can start sending your documents to print. In any case, if a print order will make an error on the printer, which will keep your future activity from printing. To determine this issue, you should change your printer settings from offline to online.

Causes  for the Offline message in Lexmark printers And Their Solutions

Lexmark produces varieties of printers such as Lexmark Color Laser Printers; Lexmark Inkjet Printers, Lexmark Multifunction Printers and many more. These printers are incredible for mid-volume workgroups and clients of different types.  

These printers are likewise fit for systems administration and offer paper handling options. Some of the printers by Lexmark includes on Photo Enhancement Technology which incorporates simple to-utilize front stacking toner cartridges.

Below are the fundamental causes of an Offline message in Lexmark printer and their solutions,

Easy ways to change the status to Online

When Lexmark printer makes any error messages that show disconnected mode, you may need to change the printer settings to the online mode.  To turn on the online mode select the Start menu nu and tap on the Printers and Faxes symbol. This demonstrates that the printers and different gadgets that are associated with your system around them. You may need to double tap on the printer symbol keeping in mind to convert it to on the online. While performing the processes  A pop up might come up then you need to go to printer option in the menu bar and need to uncheck Use Printer Offline.

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You have enabled the Offline Mode

You may need to check whether the Lexmark printer is Online.  For this you first you need to tap on the start button and afterward select “Printers and Faxes” button. Those who are using this facility may need to the right tap on the printer’s symbol one time, ensure that the Use Printer Offline s turn off.

Corrupt driver

The offline message in Lexmark printers may be caused because of some driver issues. The printer drivers are responsible for the working of the printers respectively.

On the off chance that the driver installed for a specific printer isn’t good with the system it may cause significant issues and furthermore some error messages like Offline messages.

This may likewise happen if the driver installed in the system is defiled or if the driver is inappropriately installed to the system. With a specific goal to explain this, clients are prescribed to hassle-free drivers and furthermore install them accurately.

If technology congregates with innovation, technical blunders are bound to happen. Mistreatment makes your printer works in a sluggish way.  If you do not fix such errors in time, you may face grave consequences. One such error that affects almost every available printer in the world is the print head error. A Print Head error in Lexmark Printer appears due to many reasons. The number of mechanical issues turns into the print head error. So if you are not happy with your printer’s performance, it means the print head is corrupted. Clean the cartridges and print head to resolve the print head error at any point in time.

How to Fix Lexmark Pro901 PrintHead Error

Effective Solutions to Troubleshoot Lexmark Pro901 Print Head Error:

It is one of the most common errors that trouble any printers. There is nothing to freak out. This blog post will help you to fix print head related errors. Follow the steps as per order to get to the roots of any printhead errors. If you have Lexmark Print Head cleaning kit, you can use that as well. When suddenly the print head monster gets you, connect with Lexmark Printer Customer Care Support now.

  • First of all, you need to look for “Replace Print Head” in the menu of the printer.
  • Touch Screen model users, touch ink level icons on the lower right corner.
  • Now click on “More Options” and thus scroll down to “Replace Print Head”.

For All Other Lexmark Printer Models follow the down mentioned steps:

  • The first thing you need to press on Wrench button.
  • Next, scroll to “Maintenance Menu” followed by clicking on OK button.
  • Now scroll down to “Replace Print Head” option and thus click on OK.

Next, you need to go through some more steps to make this error disappear:

  • First thing, you need to lift the latch.
  • Now lift the print head out of the printer carrier.
  • Now clean the contact of the printhead carrier from which you just removed the print head.
  • Also, clean the contact of the rear side of the printer.
  • Now firmly reinsert the print head into its adjacent place.

Make a call at Lexmark Printer Customer Service Number for More Help:

Whenever and wherever you face any issues related to Lexmark Printer, connect with us quickly. We, being a team of industry professionals offer complete solutions for Lexmark. Lexmark Printer Customer Service Number is capable of resolving any issues at any point in time. With complete solution and availability of 24*7, freeing yourself from technical blunders is much easier. Hence dial the toll-free number for composed solutions at your desk.

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